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Kayte Toal

Dr. Márcia Martins is an ABSOLUTE angel. I was literally petrified after having split my tooth in half (thank you raspberry jam seed...), in a foreign country (I am Canadian), and no Portuguese language skills beyond Obrigada (thank you). But that word is all I needed!! The clinic is immaculate and professional. The staff and Dr. Martins sincerely care about you and well... I felt safe and full of gratitude. I know it's "just a tooth," but I am attached to mine (*smile*) and this clinic, well I am left with my one Portuguese word... OBRIGADA!

29-02-2020, Dental Surgery
John Mccartney

Had scale and polish and was excellent and informative by Dental Hygienist who is First class and passionate about dental hygiene, a far superior clean than I have ever received in england, would reccomend.

10-01-2020, Oral hygiene
R. Schotte

Twee weken geleden heb ik de All-on-4 procedure ondergaan, met schitterend resultaat! ik werd zeer vriendelijk en professioneel behandeld, en alles werd vooraf goed en duidelijk uitgelegd. Hoewel er een moeilijke verstandskies werd verwijderd, is de behan

09-08-2019, Dental Implantology

Premièrement, je voudrais remercier le personnel, professionnel, accueillant, et sympathique. Si vous avez peur du dentiste comme moi je vous conseille d'aller voir le dentiste Cris Piessens et vous verrez que chaque jour vous n'aurez plus cette angoiss

09-08-2019, Dental Implantology

Après avoir longtemps hésité entre un cabinet français et la clinique du Dr Cris Piessens, je me suis décidée pour cette option et je suis tres contente d avoir opté pour ce choix. Filomena pour sa gentillesse et son côté rassurant tellement important

09-08-2019, Dental Implantology
Darre F

Professional. Painless. Friendly. Affordable. Initially popped in for a cleaning, they let me know an old filling had cracked and a new cavity formed. Second visit was a calcium treatment and temporary filling. After three weeks the tooth was ready for t

09-08-2019, Oral hygiene
C. Lopes

Sou cliente da clínica do Dr. Cris desde 2009/10 e não podia estar mais satisfeita. Desde a colocação de implantes a restauros dentários passando pela higiene oral, todos os tratamentos são executados com o mais elevado grau de profissionalismo. Uma equip

09-08-2019, Dental Implantology
Elaine Kittle

Deserves more stars if they where available!

12-09-2015, General Dentistry
Maria Lúcia de Neves Lourenço Martins

A Clínica Dentária Dr.Cris Piessens, foi a solução para uma ponte que há anos me vinha a dar problemas. Finalmente tive a coragem de avançar com um enxerto ósseo e de gengiva que depois me possibilitaram a colocação de dois Implantes dentários e uma ponte fixa nova. Nunca mais sofri o pânico de estar a comer e poder ficar sem dentes. Muito obrigada, Dra. Márcia e a sua equipa pela simpatia e profissionalismo demonstrado em todas as etapas do tratamento. Uma clínica com a qual posso contar.

21-04-2020, Periodontology
Monica Sundqvist

I’m so happy! Today I have done part two for having an implantation. The first one was to have surgery for more jawbone to make it possible to have a new tooth. I have been so scared! I have big problems when dentist put a lot of things in my mouth. Dr Cris Piessens has really taken care of me and done a fantastic work. Both I and my husband use the clinic for regular inspection of our teeth and dental hygienist, they are also amazingly good. ‘The girls’ in the reception are so accommodating and always pleasant. Highest rating! Monika and Kent from Sweden.

20-02-2020, Dental Surgery
Vitor Reis

Sou paciente da Dra. Márcia já há um ano. Antes de ser paciente da clínica, frequentei outra clínica onde fiz um tratamento que ficou muito mal feito. A Dra. Márcia conseguiu salvar o dente que tinha sido mal tratado. A Dra. é simpática, atenciosa e explica tudo que está e que vai fazer, e saio sempre satisfeito, por isso que eu não troco está clínica para outra nem a Dra. Márcia. Está simpátia não vem só dos dentistas mas sim também das senhoras das receção e quem dá assistência.

22-11-2019, General Dentistry
Joan McAlister

Thank you Dr Cris, for my upper set of implants. They have been great. Now I am back to have my lower set done. I can´t think of a better recommendation than that!

07-10-2019, Dental Implantology
Anne Lee-Crowther

Thank you Dr Cris & your amazing team, so kind & caring. So happy with my implants, pain free, beautiful teeth in a day, unbelievable. I can smile again, eating is a pleasure. The best thing I have ever done.

09-08-2019, Dental Implantology
G. Hewitt

I had the surgery performed for the 1 on 4 full denture in October 2018. Everything was performed as expected and at 5:00pm I left with my new teeth screwed onto four implants. A thoroughly efficient operation with great communication, friendly staff, mod

09-08-2019, Dental Implantology
M. Rameau

Thank you and a 5 star rating for Dr Cris Piessens and his wonderful team. After many years of teeth frustrations which I thought were un-resolvable I found this clinic and can smile again with confidence! Cutting edge technology combined with great care.

09-08-2019, Dental Implantology
S. Saradnik

With an all-on-four procedure in mind finding the right dentist can be a daunting process. Finding one in another country becomes an added issue and worry. Thus, after much research and study we, my wife and I, decided upon Dr. Cris Piessens. All the revi

09-08-2019, Dental Implantology
F. Wood

I’m currently on holiday in sesmarias and I developed a HUGE abscess on my gum. I called the clinic around 9am and I was seen to at 11am. Instant great, pain free procedure. And very well priced. Would seriously recommend to anyone visiting and in need or

09-08-2019, Emergency Dentistry

I would definitely recommend Cris Piessens. He trains other dentists to do implanting. My work is amazing and with minimal discomfort.

09-08-2019, Dental Implantology
Deborah Rodrigues

Sou paciente da clínica desde que me conheço por "gente"! Excelentes profissionais, sempre na linha da frente de tratamentos e conhecimentos na área da Medicina Dentária e tudo sempre com um sorriso! Parabéns!

23-08-2015, General Dentistry

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